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August 18th, 2010


Co-op Central serves as an educational and promotional tool to expand our mission of empowering the community to improve it’s health and well-being and to raise awareness about cooperative, green, sustainable, restorative and healthy living.  The program is hosted by the Member Services and Marketing Manager of Sevananda Natural Foods Market,

Ahzjah Netjer Simons.

The purpose of Co-op Central is to provide a resource for the community and to showcase organizations who live and embody the Cooperative Living Model, its collective mission and the culture.  Co-ops share unique values, missions and vision. From Banks to bicycle repair shops, Co-Ops promote a business structure which creates a unique way of life that encourages and nurtures community, shared wealth, and integrity. Co-ops live to provide lucrative and progressive, alternatives to their perspective communities. Co-op 101 Radio on 89.3 FM airs Mondays at 4:30-5:00pm and archives are stored at (Click on Co-op Central). The program features local, regional, and global cooperatives as well as other business utilizing the cooperative model and cooperative principles in their daily business practices.  We educate about the cooperative principles, the spirit, values, and the vast cooperative movement that exists today.

This program exists to raise awareness of these organization so that we can connect to each other, thereby strengthening their collective strength, empowerment and impact on the communities they serve and worldwide.

The 6th principle of the Seven Cooperative Principles is to support “cooperation among cooperatives”.  Co-op Central and National Co-op Radio was created with this in mind. From The National Co-op Directory to the Annual CCMA Conference, Co-op Central is to be used as a central information source for communities nationally and worldwide to access the world of Co-ops, the movement, the businesses, and the cooperative way of life.

Programming will also feature health and wellness, green living, co-op education, products and services that Sevananda offers, class schedules, community partners and more!

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